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Whats more valuable, New Paint -vs- Original?

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My 69 Mach has all of it's original paint. It has a few minor scratches, and the right side, from the body line (Top of door) down, has been re-painted. The re-paint is flaking off and I can see the "good" original paint underneath, and I know it was not re-painted due to a wreck as there is NO bodywork on the car (I think it was scratched). The car also has a few very small holes where some PO screwed those old door ding protectors onto the car, and two small rust spots on the bottom of the pasenger door. Other than those items, the paint looks great. So here is my questions (Finally)...If I can pull it off, and remove the "New" paint, patch the holes along the sides and pasenger door, and touch up, and buff the paint, then add new stripes and black the hood, which would be more valuable in the long run, a new paint job, or virtually original paint. The interior is already practically perfect as is, and I feel this may even save me some bank.

Thanks ya'll
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The car will be more valuable, IMHO, with a proper repaint. The patching of the holes, the previous repaint... there's just no way that the underlying paint can be in decent condition when all is said and done. I'd strip it down, make sure the body really is good, and then do a proper new paint job. The purist who would prize the original paint and be willing to pay for it is probably looking for an untouched original and will also likely pass on the car because of the patching. Everyone else would rather have a good new paint job.
Good point, prices on any classic car with good not great original paint, price can go through the roof but it has to be good original condition paint.
The only way I would consider original paint is if your going for the "Unrestored Class." Otherwise, paint it. Why have an OK paint job when you could have a great paint job. My .02
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