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What's our favorite?

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Where can I get one of those '67 Shelby convertibles? hehehe

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1967 351W Convertible
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Please bring back last post to top!
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Well, the list isn't TOO bad considering I typed it while in my office being interrupted. Besides, I didn't have any reference material here. Ah well...

Whoops is all I can say. Probably not the only error for sure.

But it wasn't on the list. I voted for the '70 just to get it in there........*G*.

Second would have to be the 1969 Shelby GT-500 Convertible.

Love hard, drive fast, wear your seat belt.

PS, that's my 'bird...... My Mustang is too ugly to take pictures of yet........*G*.
You can only vote for one..I like several

'59 T-Bird..[color:blue]'70 Mustang Convert</font color=blue>...[color:green]'72 Mach One</font color=green>
I sure don't know how you pick just one *LOL*

67 GT-500 for me...

69 Fastback 302 2v 3sp. trans.
No 69 Boss 429??? That's my vote, but since it wasn't on their, I went for the 65 GT-350!!

65 coupe 302
(rebuilding a 351W)
so how many times can you go back through here and vote...i only voted once though
thanks bob, for your hard work.

M.C.A.# 50000
All pretty predictable favorites (so Bob you still have'nt added Mustang to the spell check library huh).
Okay, just for fun, what is your favorite Vintage Mustang/Shelby? I tried to keep the list somewhat simple. So, not every engine/tranny option is listed - just major car types. This is for fun, so apologies in advance for errors/omissions.
I'm surprised by two things on this very unscientific poll:

1) Even though I own one and love it, I think it's weird that the 65 Fastback (generic) is getting so many votes.
2) Even though it's my all-time favorite (shopping for one right now) I'm surprised that the 65 GT-350 rates that high.

I guess I'm just one of the crowd, heheh

Having the same post re-appear ... pretty cool. It looks odd, though, seeing Jay reply to the post before it was posted *G*

If you always do what you've always done,
You'll always get what you've always got
RE: 65 fastback...
It's real's the most instantly recognizable and it was the more ways than one...

Nearly all the racing exposure recieved by the Mustang was for the early fastbacks...ergo the Shelby permutation is also very popular...

When you step up to the Shelby, I'll expect you to make me a deal on your streeter....*G*

Ok I can understand why people like the 65. But why isn't the 67 and 68 convertibles making a solid run for the money. No top and that big catfish mouth thats what says "rare shelby power" to me.
66 C-code convertible
66 C-code coupe
65 GTO hardtop
76 Nova hatchback
Yeah, we did not get this treatment on the Post to Top poll though /forums/images/icons/wink.gif

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1967 351W Convertible
2000 Mustang GT
No BOSS 351 :(

that is my vote!!!!

Being from Chicago it is our God given right to vote more than once! What gives? I'll bet in Russia they don't let you vote more than once either!

Gene J
66 Coupe/66 Convert/84 GT Turbo/96 coupe

Gene's cars
I used to live in West Palm beach....does that mean I can change my vote?!!!

Shannon a.k.a. The ShanMan! /forums/images/icons/cool.gif
66' Vintage Burgundy C-code coupe
Looks like somebody's been stuffing the ballot box for first-generation GT350s!

Glenn Morgan 66 GT Fastback 351w+toploader
Hey now, Enough with the west palm beach jokes, We all are not Idiots. I read the butterfly right ther first time...

AKA "Fastbackpimp"
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