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What's the biggest drag radial or DOT approved drag tire that you guys are stuffing under the wheel wells on your '69 Mustangs. I've got Dunlop Qualifier GT's P2456015's on the back now, but need more traction down at the track buy they have to be street legal. What about the BF Goodrich Drag Racing radials?
p.s. I tried searching on this forum but it's painfully slow tonight.

I have P245-60-R14 now on my 69 Mach1 M-Code. I also am working on an upgrade to 15" and wider for more traction.
I have measured clearances and have determined P275-50-R15 will fit with a 4.00 back spaced rim. This will give 1/4" clearance to the fender lip and 3/4" to the leaf springs.

I have 12-3/8" total width between the inner fender lip and leaf springs. The offset keeps me at 11.1 to 11.3 section width on the tires.

Have seen good reviews on BFGoodrich T/A Drag Radials and Nitto NT555R Drag radials. Legal DOT and great track action. Refer to reviews for more...
I am buying the Nitto's. Dual compound rubber lasts longer on the street, and has a tread pattern for less hydroplaning on rainy streets.

Hope this helps....
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