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What's the difference between 67 and 69 consoles..

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Just curious since I really haven't seen a 67 console, except from afar, and since the new 69 Xr7 I just aquired has a center console, how much of a difference is there?

What is a fair price to pay for a 67 standard Console with 4-spd? And what is a fair price if I was to sell the 69 Xr7 Automatic Console for?
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There is no FAIR price for a `67 4-speed console ! Expect to pay 400.00 plus for one in reasonable condition.
The 67 unit had a door in the front of it, extending the unit up approx 12" or so and around the radio opening while the 69 unit essentially slips under the dash bottom, does not rise up at all. Not interchangeable.

HOWEVER, I saw a modified 67 FB last month at a show with a 69 unit in it with the Shelby-guage insert in the ft ashtray pod (available thru Branda) and it looked very, very good in the 67, IMO. Try and mock it up if you can. It honestry looked very nice, but you need to use the front guage pod for the look to be effective.
I suppose you did NOT get a photo of the 67 with a 69 console in it, even though you knew someone, someday eventually would ask, "Hey how will a 69 look in a 67?", now did you? /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

That does sound like a nice set up, and since the swmbo has persuaded me to go with a set of 69 buckets with the headrest, and take out the bench seat, I guess it wouldn't look to out of place! Sure would be nice if I had a photo.....
67 console look just like a 68 consoles cept' no padding around the radio and the console top.

J. Boggs

Sorry, I did not have a camera that day... and I used to be a Boy Scout. The car was part of a showing hosted by the Sacramento division of SAAC, try and check with a friend of a friend, etc if you can. I have no contacts with that group, they were just hosting an annual show which was advertised in a local paper.

The 67 still had its own standard interior IIRC, the 67 low buckets. While the 67 console looks nice with the brushed aluminum insert, it lacks an arm rest which the 69 has.
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