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wheel adapters (not what you think)

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I'm considering obtaining "hubcentric adapters" for a set of slots I just got (their center hole is larger than my stang's hubs/axle shoulders). I know mag type lug nuts support everything well, I would just like to center the wheels and take some of the load off the studs.

I was wondering if anyone has sources for these "wheel pilot bushings" of sorts. Thanks.
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I would think you could have a machine shop make you an adapter for the hub fairly inexpensivly. I would think any wheel adapters would affect you backspacing.
no, they'd be a sleeve, basically....there is a chamfer on the back side of the center hole in the wheels; I'd get a 45 degree shoulder that would interlock there.......and the wheel's centersection would still be against the rotor/axle /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
If I remember correctly the modern wheels on my 2000 GT rode only on the lugs, I'm pretty sure the lug only system is fine...
Yeah, you really are making a issue out of something that is not an issue. You also making an assumption that the snout of the drum/rotor you are mounting to is perfectly centered. Dangerous assumption.

On the other hand, if hte wheels rely on the lugs to center the wheels, you get a truer center.
My truck relies on the lugs only, and it gets abused regularly.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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