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I just sold a set of 14 inch Magnum 500's so I ran down to the box place and bought 4 14" x 14" x 10" boxes. Oh yeah right, LOL. Wheels woudn't fit because they were around 15 inches wide, DUHH. The rated diameter of the rim is for the bead of the tire.

Somehow you have one oddball narrow rim that came from somewhere. You should either run all 7's or put a pair of 6's on the front if you feel like you need a bit narrower rim. I ran 6's on my 65 in the front with 225/60's and 7's on the back with 245/60's. If you have only about a 6 inch wide front tire its better to run the 6 inch rims.

You can see my 65 fastback at:
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