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I have a '66 coupe and want to change the wheels/tires.
Suspension is stock except the upper control arms are lowered about an inch to the shelby specs.
Front brakes have the Granada brake swap
The fender lips are not rolled.

I want to change the wheels to a 16x8 Vintage Wheel Works V50 with 4.5" backspace.
And put 225/50R16 tires all around

I've read through the forum but haven't come across this particular wheel/car combo before.

It seems that with the relocated upper controll arms and 4.5" backspace I should be ok.

Just not sure about how the Granada brake swap might work with the wheels.
Any interference issue with the wheels or center cap?

Any opinions on this particular combo?

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I doubt the hub would be an issue, but with 16x8’s, you may need to trim the edges of the upper control arm. Doesn’t take much clearancing usually, but that’s pretty wide for a 16. Do-able, but very close.
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