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My wife wants Torq Thrust II's on her 65 fastback and I need to know if 16x8's will fit in back with 245x50r16 tires and 4 7/8's of backspacing. I also want to run 16x7's up front with 4 inches of backspacing and 225x50's. Has anyone done this or know if they will fit?

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The 16X8's will fit. The 4 3/4 backspacing may hit the leaf spring or the upper
wheel house.
I have 16X8 on my '65 and they fit with the lip rolled and
I do have 245/45/16's. I also have 16X8 on the front with 225/50/16. Both
front and back on mine are 4.5 backspacing. One report I read said that
215 or 225 was the bigest you could put on without rolling the lip.

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I have 16x8 with 4.5 backspace, I have room for 245/50 on the rear, but I didnt like how tight things were
with 225/50 on the front so will get 205/55 and a 16x7 with 4.25 backspace on the front. I havent rolled
my fender lips, but I have 5 leaf springs and car is only lowered an inch all around right now and it seems
okay. still working on exhaust, so dont have any miles on this set-up yet. by the way, I have magnum 500
in the 16 inch size, I really like them!! pretty sharp, hope to start putting pictures up soon.

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Have you made any changes to the brakes? Are you planning any brake upgrades in the future? If so, do the brake changes first as many non-stock brakes change the backspace required...Ask me how I know /forums/images/icons/shocked.gif

If your brakes and suspension are stock or near stock, and you're building a cruiser (vs a racer), a sweet combo would be:

16 x 7 4.25 backspace

16 x 8 4.5 backspace
225/50-16 or 225/55-16 for a little "rake" (taller tire)

You shouldn't need anything special suspension-wise, and you shouldn't have to roll the fender lips for the above combo. (Disclaimer: YMMV, every car is a little different!)

If you plan on having a little more fun:

16 x 8 4.5 backspace

16 x 8 4.75 backspace

This combo will require rolling the rear lips, and a negative wedge kit or tubular a-arms up front.

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