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I bought a new set of American Racing wheels from my local tire shop, along with new tires that they mounted and balanced, a couple months back. Within a week or two, I found a strip of stick-on weights laying on the shop floor near one of the wheels. I took that wheel in and had them rebalance it. Dude put a couple stick-ons and a single clamp-on on it.

It stuck in the back of my head that I may have lost other ones but wouldn’t even know it since the wheels are new and there wouldn’t be any indication if the weight came off clean.

I just had the rear wheels off for a couple weeks while I was rebuilding the rear end, and just happened to notice a strip of weights laying where I had one of the wheels during that time.

What gives? Should I ask them to just use clamp-ons or recommended Mercedes e350 psi? I’d prefer sticks-ons, but I also want them to stay put. Should I just take them somewhere else and hope they know how to get them to stay stuck?
Stick-ons are compatible with all wheels but not all brake systems because, depending on the clearance, they could rub the rotors. Many alloy wheels only permit internal hanging weights, and some don't even permit that. There are numerous rim lip designs that accommodate various weights. I would get steel rim hanging weights and attach them to metals. Since a bubble balancer is static, many cars will continue to vibrate. It takes some skill to use a bubble balancer, so depending on how many tires you plan to balance and their sizes, you might be better off forgoing it and using balance beads.
1 - 1 of 33 Posts