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Wheels Tires - Newbie - What's Correct?

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I have seen some other posts, but for my specific application.

67 Coupe - Lowered about 1" inch front and back.

I was thinking 17x8 rims (?offset?) with 245/45/17 tires.

What will work? Should I go with a 235 tire in front? If so, should the rim also be more narrow? I don't know how a 235 will fit on a 17x8 rim.

Desparately asking for opinions!
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You'll want 4.75" backspace.

245's will be tight, depending on suspension mods/condition. A 235 series tire (9.3" section width) will fit fine on an 8" rim.
I have 17x8 with 4.5 inch backspace with 245/45/17 on my 68. I have yet to drive it however there is plenty of room all the way around. The front has had 1/2 a coil removed and the fenders were rolled by PO. Since the frontend is not on it still sits a little high but that size wheel and tire fit just fine. Also I have granada discs up front.
Check the link in my sig for the recommended sizes (1" drop won't affect sizing).

My brother and I are working out how to do 275s without cutting or bending. We know it will work we just have to get it exact.
At $300.00 this is not cheap but I think it would give the most accurate way to get the 275's on without the cutting or bending.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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