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Anyone know of a good and cheap place for new wheels, preferably 15" with 4.25 backspacing?? Weld, Torque-thrust, or any other good looking one. Maybe a website, or some way to get in contact w/ them!!

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Below is the answer to a post I made on "cough" another
site. Want the styled steel in 15s, haven't called yet so don't
know more. no interest blah blah.

Tom Sensabaugh at Specialty Wheels, LTD. has the wheels and can build them with any backspacing you want. He is also cheaper than anyone else I have seen. I have ordered
three sets of Mustang wheels from him over the last ten
years and the quality is very good. In fact, a friend bought a
set of PRO brand Magnum 500's a month after I bought a set from Tom. Within 4 years, his were getting rusty while mine
looked brand new. We live in Texas, not known for making
things rust... Anyway, the address is 34566 S.E.
Gunderson Rd., Sandy, Oregon, 97055 503) 668-4793
Tell him MustangSteve sent you...

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15" Styled Steel wheels sound cool. I want some. Let us know the details when you find out.

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is this only for the styled steel wheels or does he sell aftermarket wheels also such as american racing?

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I bought 15" styled steel from Virginia Mustang and they get them from Specialty Wheels. I still don't have them on yet, but they look great sitting in my basement. . .

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