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hi doug2stanger here
every time i read about somewones good welding
experiences i get excited, to try some more myself.
BUT i dont want to make things worst. i read Hoosiers
experience with his recent spot welding, using the torch
and some coat hangers. My question is could a person
just replace that 29 inch frame rail piece which hooks to the rear
leaf springs, could that be done with a lot of good quality
spot welds? second question everything seems firm
on the frame rail as it is,, but there is some localized rust
close to where the leafs attach. when do most fellow stangers
repair this. thanks

douglas rhine of nebraska
the man with the sad dog face

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The after market ones come with a flange that fits into the cut off rail. This should be welded around. The rest is welded from the top. Drill down through the trunk floor every couple of inches on both sides of the rail then weld through and grind off. Kind of a spot weld.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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