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About two years ago, every Mustang parts dealer catalog had rally pac's galore - and in each and every colour and application possible. What in the world happened to 'em?

I heard that someone was suppose to be reproducing them soon (once again). Can anybody verify if there is any truth to this rumor? If so, WHEN? The prices for rally pacs are getting ridiculous!

Impatient and on a limited budget in Michigan,


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I just got a new Cal-Mustang catalog in the mail today and they have rally pacs in many different colors and configurations (at least the 66 style). . . Only problem is that theyre still rediculously expensive

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I think Scott Drake purchased the repo rally pac business from Dallas Mustang who used to make them and supply them to the other vendors, but they were a poor quality, Drake is supposedly working on improving the quality, I doubt the price will go down.

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You are correct in that Scott Drake bought the program from Dallas. But he is trying to bring the price down through better sourcing as well as fix the bugs that plagued the other repro's

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