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Where can I decode a late model VIN?

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I got the VIN # to the 94 I'm interested in, It's 1FALP45TXRF213699

Any sites where I can decode it?


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these might help some....

1=nation of origin= US
F= Ford Motor Company
A=Make: Ford
L=restraint type (not sure exactly which kind)
P=Passenger car
45=GT convert
T= engine code:T for 5.0L 215 HP
X=Check digit (varies)
R= model year:1994 since S is 1995
F=Assembly plant= Dearborn
213699=Consecutive unit number

I pieced these together using the sites for a 1993 VIN and one for a 1995 VIN....hope this helps

You can also get a report from if you want to find out if it has ever been in a wreck or something....

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RUN the VIN through CARFAX To see if there are any problems with this car<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1>Edited by SuperCJ on 03/28/01 02:35 AM (server time).</FONT></P>
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