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Where can I find a FM converter for my 1966 radio?

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Looking for an 'old fashioned' (I remember when they were bleeding-edge) FM converter for a 1966 AM radio. There are a few on E**Y, but I like to get one ASAP. Any ideas where I could find a new or as-new converter?

As always, thanks
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Try Radio Shack. They will probably need to order it, but if anyone should have it, I would think they would.
Good luck!
I got mine from a local junkyard. He had about a dozen of them and only charged me $5.00 for it.I use it in my 61 T-Bird. My mustang has one of the custom fit AM-FM cassete players in it.
I've seen a million of them at swap meets and garage sales, I'll keep an eye out for you...
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