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Where did you get your door hinge kit for your '66

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I returned the kit I had to Dallas Mustang since the roller and arm pins didn't seem to fit properly and the staff at Dallas Mustang couldn't figure it out. See my old hinge post here

I got some good advice, but I need to know specifically where some of you have bought your hinge kits for your '66 and if they worked out well for you.

I don't mine cutting the long pins, but the roller pin and arm pin must fit well in order for the hinge to last and functon properly.

Thanks VMF!! /forums/images/icons/laugh.gif
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Try Pony Car Concepts in Orange, CA. I think their website is "" .
Their website doesn't work, but I think their number is in Mustang Monthly somewhere. Have you used one of their kits?
The bushings you get will be oversize. This is for hinges that have been worn out for quite awhile. You will have to drill the holes to the right size. If the holes aren't worn, you can get new bushings from auto-parts stores such as O'reilly's. Take your old ones with you.
Got 2 kits from NPD. Used one kit which worked geat. WE had no problems installing it. The second kits is sitting right here. The second hinge had a cracked frame so we bought a replacement hinge assembly. The kit number is 22810-1k.
It includes the required parts for a door rebuild. 2 long pins, 4 bushings, 2 short pins, 1 spring and the door cam. YOu can have it for what we paid for it. I'd have to look at the catalog for the price. Bring over your hinge and we can rebuild at least one. In the same time you can get the blasting cabinet.
Thanks Dave, I'm glad to finally here from someone who had success with a hinge kit and remembers were they got it /forums/images/icons/smile.gif It's a deal, I'll buy it from you and borrow your blasting cabinet. That way I can blast and paint the hinges before I rebuild them so I don't have to worry about getting media in my newly rebuilt hinges /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

PM me with directions to your place and a day that would be good for you.
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