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Where do I go to rent an engine hoist?

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Do the chain auto parts stores rent out the hoists? If not, where do I rent one so I can pull/put in an engine? And second question... if I buy an engine and tranny together, what's the best way to transport it or store it? Does the tire in the back of a pick up still work with the tranny attached? Thanks again all!
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Autozone has rental tools, but I don't know if they have an engine hoist.

Many plain old rental stores carry hoists. Let your fingers do the walking...

Look at the cost of buying a hoist. They aren't that expensive. If you need one for more than 3 or 4 days, it might be money ahead to buy one.

My favorite idea is just to borrow a friend's hoist. Wash and clean it and he will be thrilled.

The tire trick should work jusft fine for a complete assy. The object is just to keep it from moving around. The tranny is pretty robust, so just let in hang over. You might want to spring for one of those tranny tail shaft plugs to keep the fluid from leaking out.
U.S. Rents, or if you have them ABA DABA rents. I've always used ABA DABA since they were very close to my house. You can get the break-away ones that come all apart and go in the back of a vehicle (I brought one home in a '68 Cougar many years ago), or one on wheels that you just hook to a ball hitch and towe it home (much easier if you have the ball hitch). As many times as I've rented one, I could have bought one by now, but there's just no place to store it.

Yes, the tire trick in the back of a pickup works even better with the tranny attached. The tire is just to "form" to the shape of the engine and keep it from rolling around. I usually just use blocks of wood to wedge the engine into a good postion and then drive carefully on the way home.

Good luck, HTH.
You could rent one from any rental center.
Thanks for the assurances and tips on places!
I bought mine at Costco for 189 and it included a load leveler. That was by far the cheapest I could find. I could order one for about that price but shipping was around 100 bucks.

It folds up for easy storage too...
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