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Where do the wire loom retainers go? (need pics)

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I bought a pack of wire loom retainers (from NPD) for my engine compartment and I only know where some of them go. Does anyone have pictures of the clips on a car? It's been a while since I stripped the engine compartment and I forgot a few things. Thanks! (this is for a '65)
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Look for holes in the firewall, shock towers, aprons, etc. Each is about 1/8" in size. I use a 1/4" square drive extension (6") to install these. Push the near end into the square hole on the extension then insert the far end into the body hole. Tap opposite side of extension with a small hammer to pop the loop into the body hole. Make sure the strap is flush with the body. Run the wire bundle against the strap and bring it around to loop over the nylon post. Use the 1/4" square drive extension to push the strap loop onto the post. Tap end of extension with hammer to seat strap. Saves a lot of time messing with them or using a screwdriver as an installation tool.
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