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Ok, got my new mach on SAT ... what an incredibly frightening moment. I go down to Shelby, MT (4.5 hrs from Calgary, AB), and meet the driver after he threatens to leave (I arrived at 9 instead of 8). Anyhow, he's missed 3 seperate target dates, one where I was just heading out of calgary so I don't feel bad. I get to the meeting place and the car is dumped in the middle of a McD's lot. So I'm thinking as we drive up to it ... "OMG, I just got burned for $3k, is this worth towing even?" .. pretty bad feeling for sure ... anyhow we use a trailer hitch and tow the damn thing back, the trip taking 8.5 hrs this time because the trailer hitch keeps popping off.

Well I get the car home, goto sleep (we started the trip at 2 am and ended around 11 pm). I get up and an old buddy comes up to help the teardown. Much to my delight I think I got a great deal! Aside from a busted front windshield, sunroof cut in the top and need for new interior this thing rocks. I pulled up carpets and folddown rear set and the metal has not even been *touched* by rust -- period. The underside has surface rust and thats it, not a single hole in quarters from inside trunk or out, theres only some very minor pin sized bubbling on lower tip of drivers door. I love it!

Anyhow, we tore her down (finishing off tonight) and I was hoping for some suggestions on the plans I made for the rebuild. I was thinking of starting out the restoration like this, please advise if this is not a good idea, thanks for reading!

1. Get car completely stripped down and put on a roiserrie (how much to rent/buy, which is better idea?)
2. Use orbital sander and drill wirebrush to clean up the underside and in/out engine compartments, also clean up any spots in interior.
3. Coat underside and engine compartment with some kind of ultra-mega-anti-rust-waterproof goop (suggestions?).
4. Start rebuild by going to Canadian Mustang for their 5 leaf leafspring kit + performance bushings and shackles upgrade.
5. Clean up axle and put rear suspension and axle back on car.

I figure this will keep me busy for a few months no problems :) ... should I just have it media blasted or since its not bad just go with original plans with sander?

Thanks guys!

1969 Mach 1 ( M-Code)

Hey, that's great about getting a no rust body! What I would suggest about the various phases of the rebuild is to query the forum on various topics. Like what to use to paint the engine bay etc. If your going to all the trouble to put it on a rotissery it will be a lot easier to detail the undercarriage of the car. The best way to clean it is to sand/bead blast it however scrapers, sandpaper, wire brushes etc with a good wash after will get it clean enough to paint. I've used a product called Zero Rust with very good results. It works real good for this sort of thing. It can then be top coated to the correct finish. For example I used Zero Rust in the engine bay. Then I top coated it with Plasticoat Satin Black. I would stay away from thick undercoating type finishes unless the car was going to be driven in the winter. (Coming from Edm area, I don't think you'll drive it in winter.) Have fun.


65 GT Coupe, dismantled waiting for resto.
67 Restomod Coupe, in assy.
69 Mach 1, SWMBO say don't take it apart!
91 5.0 LX HB, driver.

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I know exactly how you feel about the no rust body.... uh oh, story time...

I paid $1800 for my car, ( (egads, another shameless plug)
and it had very little real rust (so far) on it. The body was in good condition when I took the fenders
off. I don't think I'm brave enough to take the carpet up yet, but I tapped on the bottom of the
floors and didn't seem to hear any hollow sounding areas... At least to me, the rust areas sound
different than the sound metal ones.

I went to a car part swap meet in Cedar Rapids this weekend. Saw 3 Mustang's. 1973, 1967 and..
I think a 1968. The 1967 had MORE rust, (and bondo I might add) and worse looking interior than
mine and wanted $1400 MORE. Granted this one came with a 289 4spd. I was just gasping. It
seemed unreal!

Never underestimate paying a bit more for a good rust free car. The time and money you would
save is SO worth it. Congratulations on finding that one awesome car. I'm glad I waited and found

'66, 302-4bbl, Granada disk brakes, etc, etc...

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Cedar Rapids? I hang out from time to time around Iowa City and Kalona. Next time I am out (with the stang) to Iowa, perhaps we could hook up. Where are you located?

sure it's fun, but it's only a car.
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