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(I feel a little ADD today so here goes)
Working and figuring some stuff out at home.

I just picked up some more stuff for the car including these TTII'd center caps. What ya think?

The supercharger hit a few snags. The an lines I used dropped the alternator out of the picture and hopefully, I get the spacer block for it soon. I had to change/alter the engine block bracket a tad and the air intake tube is finally corrected now. Good thing for Vortech. Paxton said that they were working on least 3 months.

Anyone had a problem with american pony? I called them 3 weeks ago for tierods as in "complete tie rods" for a '66 and each order has gotten me a little closer but it is not complete yet. Hopefully, I'll receive the connector sleeves Monday.

No news on my MIL yet still too early to tell.
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