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Any electrical gurus out there? I have no dash lights, but everything else on that circuit works for my '66 mustang. The brights light works and the turn signals work, along w/ my headlights, etc. But the four lights that light up my gauges don't work. I checked the bulbs and they are okay. The fuse is okay as well (and wouldn't it be responsible for the brights light and others anyway?).

Could it be a ground, or all the lights on that circuit grounded together as well? I am SICK of driving at night and not being able to see my speedo. Any help would be great.


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There is a ground that runs to the gauge cluster and connects to the base of the Instrument panel voltage regulator. Check this ground, I've had problems with it before. Disconnect the battery before removing the cluster, I had the ammeter wire ground to the key in the ignition once while removing the cluster and burnt a bunch of wires.

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