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Where to buy a windshield moulding removal tool???

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I've already tried the local parts stores, and I couldn't find one on Eastwood's site. Any ideas or suggestions? Is there a way to get the moulding off without the tool? TIA.
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If I was patient enough to look for a tool first, I'd try Mustangs Plus, Ponderosa Mustang, National Parts Depot, etc...

I didn't wait, used a long, skinny flatblade screwdriver, and proceeded to munch them up. I need a complete set, and clips.
Well, thanks for the reply, but after I posted, I went back to Eastwood's site just to make sure i didn't overlook it, and sure enough I had. *G* It's ordered and on it's way. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
Eastwood's tools 52087 and 52021 (set) will do the job - the little hooked ends are all you need and if you have a cutting tool you can fab one from thin piece of metal. make it like the hooked end of 52087 and a slight bend like left tool of 52021. i used that left tool of 52021 and it would work better with little "J" hook - flat part slipped out a lot and with "J" shape you have better hold. if i did it again i would make my own and would have to think a long while before spending $20 o 52087.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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