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Where to find 94 - 98 seats!!

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I really want to put 94-98 mustang seats in my 67 but i can't find any for a good price $150 - $200 (the only junk yard around that has any wants $400 - $500 per pair, i'm in Seattle) If any one knows where to get any please let me know(I am looking for black cloth seats) Thanks for all you help.

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Watch the classifieds. It may take awhile. I bought the wheels and seats from a '94 that a guy was parting out $225.00. One of the wheels will have to be replace but I still feel like I got a good deal.
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It's probably more than you want to spend, but there's an add in the current issue of Mustang Times (MCA) for new takeout leather front seats ('01) for $500 a pair from Saleen. At least these are new and not from a totaled car. You can probably get more info at the Saleen website.


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