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Where to find a 6cyl clutch?

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Help!! I need to find a clutch for my 65 6 banger and am having a heck of time locally.
I would like to replace Plate, Disc, Pilot bearing, and Throwout bearing.
Any sources would be helpful as well as advise on an easy way of getting the pilot bearing out.
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I'm suprised Advance or Autozone doesn't have em. Have you tried NPD?

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Try your local Ford may be surprised. me check your shorts! My multimeter is just a-waiting! Formerly known as Midlife in the old VMF.
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Try any Mustang parts house. My local autp parts store can get all of that stuff for me very reasonably and quickly.

As far as the pilot bushing goes, there are many methods good and bad. I'd try filling up the hole with grease, then inserting a dowel or rod (even an extra input shaft if you have one) into the pilot bushing hole and drive away. Make sure whatever you stick in there goes in tight, the pilot will come out.


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Cool! I'm a tire-kicker!

I may have to hang around here more.


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I bought one at pepboys last yr.

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Napa has 'em
Actually I have found a N.O.S. at a place in New York, and they tell me that it does not chatter like the aftermarket ones.
I also found that Federal -Mogul replaces the pilot bushing with a sealed roller bearing Part# BCA 8016 if anyone is interested.
Thanks for all the replies!!
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