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Where's my coolant going?

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I had absolutely no problem with coolant loss until I had to go ahead and mess with my engine... now it's getting out somewhere, and I'm wondering if you have any suggestions.

To replace my hydraulic lifters, I had to remove the lower radiator hose and dump coolant out of the block so that I could remove the intake man. I replaced the lifters, used the tacky gaskacinch stuff on the heads, intake, and intake gaskets, but I did forget to put RTV around the water ports on the side of the gaskets that face the heads. I did put it on the other side, though.

Well, after I put it back together, I topped off the coolant, and ran it... then a couple days later, topped it off again, since I figured air in the system escaped and made more room for more water... well, since then, I have had to add at least 1.5 to 2 gallons of coolant. Just how long does it take to get all air out of the system? Is this even a possibility by now? I did this job about a month ago, and I drive the car at least 5 days a week.

I haven't been able to find any noticeable external coolant leaks, definetely none around the intake gasket area (external). Do you think it's seeping around the gaskets and getting into the lifter valley, and falling into the oil pan?
It's confusing because the oil on the dipstick looks normal, and it's not rising at all or anything. I am not running any antifreeze, though. I have a bottle and a half of Water Wetter and distilled water... so I don't know if it would be as easy to spot on a dipstick as a 50/50 water and antifreeze mix would be.

What should I do? I'm about ready to move 100 miles from where I'm at now, and I need this car for transportation to and from here and there. Oh, the radiator is a 3-row in case you're wondering.. and it's a 351W, with heater core bypassed. Thanks for reading, and any help.

Edit: No overflow tank installed