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Where's my rattle?!

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If you have noticed my posts about refurbishing my heater, the reason I got into that was to rid my car of a loud rattle that occurs during early, moderate acceleration from a stop. It sounded just like one of the metal flaps in the heater rattling around. And sure enough, none of my heater flaps had padding on them, so I was sure that was the problem. After all that work, however, the rattle is unchanged!! I then found a loose mechanical connection on the windshield wipers that looked likely, but fixing that didn't help either. The noise sounds like its coming from the middle dash area. I'm now suspicious that its not inside, but rather in the engine compartment. I can't cause the rattle while the car is at rest. Any ideas what this is or how to find it???

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Rattles/squeeks can be such a pain to locate! If you rev the engine, or run it at various speeds, can you re-create it in the garage?

Only suggestion other than that is to take a helper on a ride and try to have the helper locate the rattle while you drive.

Good luck ... I have a squeek in my back seat that I simply can't find. It only happens around 70-80mph on the freeway, and I can't reproduce it in the garage. I even put my daughter in the back seat to find it, but she couldn't locate it, either!

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Has anything fallen into the cowl or the defrogger vents?
Rattles, I HATE THEM!!! Anytime swmbo and myself are on a drive if she even suspects that I might hear a rattle, up goes the radio volume, cause she just knows if I hear it that the fun is over.
The last noise I heard was about a month ago on the 'Stangs Maiden voyage of the season and back home we went to pick up the T-Bird. Unfortunately, the Mustang has been up on jack stands ever since, due to my clutch install fiasco, all over a little t/o bearing noise.
Sorry about the rambling post I just had to vent.

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Are you sure it's not the engine knocking? It sounds like a rattle and occurs during accelration when the engine is under load so it won't happen in park.

Higher octane gas or retarding the timing would cure it if it is.
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