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Where's the best place to buy Paint?

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I'm getting ready to purchase the paint for my engine compartment and undercarriage...specifically, DP-75LF Red Oxide Sealer for the undercarriage and the underside of the front fenders...and DP-90LF Semi-Gloss Black w/ the 402LF catalyst for the inner fenders and engine compartment top coat.

Where is the best place to purchase these paints?



PS: I'll be using a paint gun
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In the Seattle area we usually look for paint supplies from "WESCO" autobody. Don't know if they are in Texas.
Look in you yellow paqges phone book under Paint and look for one that sells automotive paints. There's bound to be a couple in your area.
At your local paint store.

I haven't found an internet site for paint. The one place I did find with a few supplies was more expensive.
Shipping on paint and chemicals costs too much. Buy them locally.
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