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Which Hanger for 1967 289 2V Tail Pipe?

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Been trying to research but unable to find a straight answer. I have a 1967 mustang with a 289 2V exhaust, looking to find the hanger that holds the tail pipe at the very back right of the car. Trying if I can to match the original style and wanted to see if anyone can point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance!
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@HPjunki Mine is a vert and I am learning that this may be specific to that, as I do not have a mount there and definitely have one towards the end of the tailpipe. The factory one was on the car a few years ago but one day I noticed that the hanger and the tail pipe were no longer with the car (lol).

In any case, I believe I just found what I am looking for here: 65-67 SINGLE EXHAUST RH TAIL PIPE HANGER

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I found this at NPD in the 6 cyl section for 2” single exhaust. I’d verify with NPD though.

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