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Which headers will fit?

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Could somebody please tell me which headers will fit my 65 coupe with a 302 in it. I'm thining about puting some long tube headers in my car cause i want some performance improvements and i want it to sound more intimidating than it already does. Thanks everybody!

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I'm putting ceramic coated Hooker Super Comps on my 67. There are alot of headers you can use. Hedman, Hooker, Thorley, etc...They all will help with performance. Put on a set of Flowmasters and you will get an agressive sound. The two chamber are the more agressive sounding.


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While I myself do not have the Hooker Super Comps... I would have to say they are the best all around header that I have seen. My brother has a beautiful set of their headers for a 351C in a '67... gorgeous headers and the fit is dead on.

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If you 302 is more than mildly warmed over, use the Hooker Super Comps; otherwise use shorties.

There's no difference, geometrically speaking, between a 260/289/302 cylinder head, so any header that would fit those style heads - in an early Mustang body style - will work fine. The engine bays were enlargened from '67 on, so big block engines could fit.

One other thing to consider: if you've power steering, long tube headers interfere with the steering. Evidently there are brackets to modify the steering mounting points which fix this problem but I don't remember what the name is. Others in VMF do.

Shortie headers make installation easier and also solve the steering problem, and may be cheaper.


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Hedman headers seam to give the best ground clearance. Shortie headers are even better.
If the motor is going to be a low rpm daily driver a small tube header will work the best.
Large tube is for high rpm. Stay at or under 1 5/8"for a street car. Try-y work good and give a little more
room in the engine compartment, they are a low rpm header. Hookers are the most expensive.
Shorties are the cheapest. We all seam to like Flowmasters. They are expensive compared to
some of the other brands but, they last a very very long time. We have them on 3 of our
old fords. Good Luck!
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