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Which length pushrods for my 390?

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Help! I have bent (most slightly) pushrods. I went to get new ones and they have them in lengths:
#3227 - 9.62", #3227b - 9.56", #3227c - 9.59", and I think I also saw one 9.68".

Its for a 69 mach I, though I'm pretty sure its an earlier 390.

It's also highly likely the guy that put these rods in my engine grabbed them from a pile in the corner of a parts ridden garage; That they arent appropriate to gauge any type of basis from.

So does anyone know which of 9.62, 9.59, or 9.56 inches is the correct length? I don't have any fancy type of internals, just stock engine. Thanks for any help, Erik.
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According to the Ford Parts manual, 65 / 68 (before change level 10) used the 9.62" rods, 68 up (change level 10 up) used 9.59' rods If you do not know when the engine was manufactured, get a pair of checking push rods and use them to determine the exact length.
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