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Which Master Cylinder for a front disc conversion?

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I changed my stock single master for a dual a couple of years ago. I used a 1967 master cylinder for a drum brake car. It has worked great and everything is adjusted well.

I'm completing a front disc conversion this week and am wondering what to do for a master cylinder. I think the following are options:
1. Lots of people suggest the 1974 Maverick master cylinder.
2. Use a 1967 master for a disc brake car (same dimensions as what I've currently got -so no extra adjustments).
3. Just remove the residual pressure valve from my current 1967 dual master cylinder for the front brake side. - This way I don't need to take it out of the car or even unhook one of the lines.

The car is a summer driver that sees 2,000 or 3,000 miles a year.

I do have another proportioning valve to put in the system from a disc brake equiped Mustang.

What do you all recommend?

Thanks in advance.

John Harvey
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It is not just having a dual bowl cylinder with discs. The disc caliper takes more fluid than drum brake wheel cylinders. That's why single disc MC is larger in early cars, that's why dual disc MC has larger front brake fluid volume. Considering the cost of new dual MC and your miles, I wouldn't hesitate buying a new one.
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