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Which Paint/primer brands

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I just stripped the paint off my door panels. What brand of paint and primer do you recommend to use?

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Thats kinda like asken which brand of brew people like. I'd suggest finding a auto paint store close and
asking them, most carry several brands and can give the pro's and con's of each along with a ton of advice
on the how to's. You can also go out to Len Stuart's page at for more
good info. Regs.

I used spray cans of lacquer interior paint from California Mustang (also sold by most Mustang suppliers). I used no primer because of possible loss of detail in the embossed grain in the door panels. Worked great with no coverage problem. Just make sure the metal is free of any oil or other contaminates. Wipe it down with lacquer thinner. Good luck

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Spray cans work real well. NPD has the correct colors, but any parts store will have it. Like stated above, wipe the panels down with some kind of silicone/wax remover. Then prime, then paint. Use light coats. If you put it on too thick it will cover the factory grain & run. Then you'll have to start over.

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