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Hey all,
Apologies for another cam post but I'm taking a shot at boiling it down to a yes or no...maybe. I am replacing the top end on my 289. AFR 165 heads, Performer intake, 600 cfm carb. Aiming for 9.2:1 or so compression on a stock bottom end. Long tube headers, 2.5" exhaust, C4 auto. This will be a spirited weekend cruiser and occasional back roads/highway driver.
Will order: 1500-1800 stall converter, new posi 3rd member 3.55 or 3.80, Morel 5323 link bar roller lifters.

Now that I have switched to roller lifters my search filter for a roller cam changes from 289 to SB Windsor. I am no longer looking for Retro fit cams with reduced base circle. Best cam selection seems to fall into 82 to 95, 5.0/302 range when that roller block came out. I believe these "off the shelf" cams will fit my motor as long as I don't get too wild with my lift or overlap and pass the clay test. Am I looking at the correct shelf?
Your stock C4 converter stalls at 1,800 or so rpm so.....

Our 289 build, 9.5:1 CR, AFR165's is going with a roller lifter cam, specifically a Ford M-6250-E303 and link-bar lifters.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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