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I did a search on the old forum, but couldn't really find any recent information. Who makes the best floor pans, and which catalog source sells them? I also need the RH inner fender panel under the battery tray. Hurtle's review site doesn't have any comments on these.


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A few years ago I had dealings with a a very respected
Mustang restoration shop in New Jersey.
I don't know if you are familiar with Bob Gelsi of Gelsi's
Mustang Barn, but we got to talking about various repro
panels and their quality. Bob stated that the floorpans from
American Designers are about the best out there.
He also stated that Mustangs Unlimiteds pans which they
claim they stamp themselves were not good fitting panels
and were lots of trouble to install.

Hope this little bit of info helps.


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I am halfway thru replacing the floorboards in a 67 convertible with American Designers. The fit is very good, and the metal seems at least as thick as the original metal.

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floor pans from good ol' CJ's went in well, good fit, although i cant compare thickness to the original (there really wasnt anything left to compare it too)

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Hi all,

It happens that I work with Mustangs Unlimited and I saw this post. I just wanted to throw in a couple of thoughts.

First off, I wanted to mention that we offer BOTH our reproduction parts and American Designers as well. If you prefer not to use the 'house' brand, then we can go with the other instead.

We have both available as some customers want an inexpensive repro part and some want one similar in gauge and better fitting but at a higher cost.

Our goal is provide parts to as many people as we can, no matter what kind of part they are looking for. We pride ourselves on offering a sizable inventory in-stock with many additional parts available to us on a special order basis.

No matter which pan you prefer, we can help you to get it at a fair price.

Just fyi.

Michael O'Brien
Managing Director of Sales and Marketing
Mustangs Unlimited
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