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Talk about a tough mother to find....Who sells these back windows???...local suppliers just don't even have a listing!-- I'm not worried about having the "correct numbers"-- just a good, scratch free glass to see through...Any help would be appriciated. --Bruce
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Not available aftermarket, you might find one in the for sale, or on EHAY. I have one, but it's for my next project (when I find the car). i have interior, glass, doors, but no body.

Good luck...Your best bet is a swap meet or the auction boards. I have even seen them forsale in the parts section here.

There is always the plexi-glass R Model ones....
Dont they make plexglass ones for racing?
Might be expensive.
The last one I saw in ehay went for around $300 - which seems pretty cheap considering new repro windshields are going for $250 and these are not reproduced ! Good luck - Dickson
Call 800-747-5402 ext.239.I priced a rear window today.They have it in stock,but it isn't cheap.$465 plus shipping.Hope this helps...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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