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who sells the best sheet metal?

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Due to a minor doofus involving my lift ramp this weekend I get to replace the rear valence on my car/forums/images/icons/mad.gif. The valence is readily available as repop but I'd like to know if any one of the major vendors is better.

Do you have any experience with the quality and fit of repop that you can share?

Or, if you know of any good sources for NOS 69-70 pieces or an actual NOS valence, please let me know.
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The rear valence for my '66 I got from NPD is a 1/4" to narrow. Don't know if I'm going to put it on the car or not.

There are no markings as to the original source of this part.
you might try the parts rating link that has been posted on this site plenty of times.. (I forget the URL) maybe someone has already rated the part you are looking for.
Marti Auto Works had some NOS valances in stock for $150 a while back; they still have both single and dual exhaust versions listed on their web site.
Original Ford parts! Do whatever is reasonably necessary to get the real thing, then you know for sure.
My reply isn't who but why do people want NOS or original body parts but think since they're used a fender is worth $10 or a hood $20. A good re-man is $350! You'd think I was asking for blood in asking $150 a fender & $100 for a trunk! Guarantee they'll fit better than a $190 repop!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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