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I have a '91 5.0L HO which I was going to install in an '84 Mustang. So, I went to the local NAPA to get an '85 Mustang distributor for the 4 bbl engine. Did it come with a steel gear? NO!

Thanks to Johnpro, I was suspicious of the gear that was installed but the guy said it was steel. Well, I never got around to installing it due to work and life so months passed. Yesterday, I found an '85 Mustang GT in the wrecking yard and pulled the distributor. It's gear is different and it's texture is like the steel gear John posted.

I guess the dizzy's C9 part number should have clued me in but I thought the parts places just rebuilt them and used the appropriate gears.

So, learn from my mistake and check your parts before leaving them on the shelf or installing them.

Dean T
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