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Who's interested?

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Have a question for the group here. I was approached at the Arlington swap meet by someone who showed interest in my company making a brushed aluminum kit for the instrument bezel and glove box of the 66 mustang. These would be high quality real aluminum pieces that would fix the existing bezel and glove box. What I need to know is how many people would be interested in this? If I have enough interest I could make 64 1/2, 65 and 66 inserts. So...anyone here interested?
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Some real quality 1967-68 Deluxe interior panels would be nice... The stuff that's avalable now is inferior quality, IMO.
We already have those coming. Received my prototypes this week and the shipment should arrive soon. We will have 67-68 panels, all high quality aluminum, nicely brushed with stenciled lettering. We will be have several styles to choose from...67 replacement panels with the correct metal backing plates for use with original deluxe bezels...67 conversion kits which will fit standard bezels...68 aluminum backed woodgrain kits for easy, high quality installation on 68 deluxe bezels...and 68 conversion kits to convert standard bezels to deluxe looking bezels. Let me know if you are interested.
There's so much dash metal and so little 'filler' -- like in the '67-'68 -- that I couldn't see myself going for the aluminum. It might be interesting to see if you came up with a whole package design that converted the entire '65-'66 dash, door panels, console, etc. into a brushed '67-'68 look.

Just my zwei pfennig....
Im looking for a cluster bezel like the 65 66 cobra but to fit four 2 inch and two 2"5/8 gauges (auto meter) would you be able to fabricate something like that?
Yes and no. Yes it can be done, but the cost would be extreme. The most expensive part is the initial setup, and the only way to absorb that cost is selling in volume. Taking a part like that through the planning, layout and programming for the cutting machine is very expensive. I am not set up currently for individual jobs, though I am getting ready to experiment with some lower tech methods for cutting. I will let you know if I find a way that would make the job feasible.
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