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I just checked the online section. . .Man! There's a sh*tload of people online here!
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VMF is the home page for my browser, and the browser is always up while I'm at work. Therefor, I'll typically show up as being on-line with VMF for 10 hours a day, even though some days I don't even get around to checking VMF (those days are VERY rare!). I imagine many others are in a similar situation.

66 Coupe, check her out at

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I leave VMF up the whole time I'm at work.
Sometimes I sit here for hours reading, other days I get only a few moments.

But those moments are worth it.



65 I6 200 Coupe (Daily Driver)
Like several others VMF is my home page and up most of the day.

68 GT500
68 1/2 CJ Coupe

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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