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Why are there cut washers on Idler Arm assemblies?

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I'm talking about above the frame rails on the aprons. Why are the washers cut, when there appears to be no adequate reason for this? Was it to designate a specific washer design/thickness, or another reason?

Curious minds want to know.
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Believe it has to do with the frame rail lip on the steering box side. Probably easier to use all cut washers on both the box & idler arm, than to have one special cut washer just to provide clerance for the lower mount hole on the box.
Sounds reasonable. I remember one on mine being cut. Maybe more. Could have been the guy on the assy line ran out of rounds and installed cuts in yours in place of, as the car was moving down the line. (?) He may have gotton his washer bin refilled one or two cars later.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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