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Why can I see air in the fuel filter when idleing?

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I was noticing yesterday that sometimes when my car is idleing I can see air apparently coming through the fuel line into the filter (I have a clear fuel filter, obviously). The air then gets sucked through the screen and carried to the carb. Is this normal? Could it account for some of my less-than-perfect idle? If it is sucking air at idle, what does this mean is going on at higher RPM? Do I probably have a leak in the line somewhere (the rubber hose between the fenderwell and pump and the short piece between the metal tube from the pump to the filter + carb is all new), or is could something be wrong with the pump? Sorry for all the questions, and thanks for the help! :)

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If you had a leak gas would be on the floor.

I had one of those clear filters on my 289 in front of the carb. Darn thing was full of air all the time. I don't know how critical it is. I'd guess it isn't important at all. The fuel to run your car comes from the fuel bowl anyway.


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