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Why the heck is my car so loud? HELP!

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I've switched from Turbo Gold (generic) mufflers to Dynomax's Super Turbo (supposed to be quiet but free flowing), with little to no audible difference.


Dualed 302, stock manifolds, no h-pipe, chrome flowmaster looking tips welded on 2.5" aluminized pipes.

I was going to buy some sound deadener for under the back seat and over the differential hump.

Please advise.
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When I put dynomax super turbos duals under my '83 GT the guy told me that they would give a light rumble. BULL! I was setting off car alarms with it.

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You should've posted a query before buying...

I run them on my race car and D-coder....I'd say quiet is an optimistic term to use, to say the least...

I'm going to extend the D-coder exhaust tips below the valence to see if that helps but I doubt they'll ever sound like stockers, to be sure...

I imagine the X-pipe on both dampens things somewhat but they both roar pretty good....only time the race car seems quiet is when I'm at the track and everyone else is uncorked..*G*

Have Super Turbos changed? The last set that I had (10 years ago) were very quiet until you went past about 3000RPM's. Is that not the case anymore?


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Can't tell you about late model ones....I did the D-coder in '94 and the race car in '95....bought everything from JC Whitney....think I still have an extra 2 1/2" one settin' up in the rafters in the shop...

Nope, they are pretty loud! The muffler shop said if I wanted to quiet them up, I should put glass packs where there would be cat converters!?
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