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WIFE 3 - Part II

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Happy New Year everyone!

Many of you may have seen this car at our shop, an event or from this post I made in 2012 when just purchased - New addition - 1970 Sportsroof

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It was time to give it another round of 'love'.

WIFE 3 was a good driver. Mechanically reasonably sound. Drove, handled and stopped great with all our product on it. It just wasn't a very nice 'canvas' to display our suspension, brakes and rear end. It looked good in pictures and from 10 feet away but had old faded paint, holes in lots of spots underneath. Mechanically it suffered from no air conditioning which would mean it was parked for the Summer, no sound deadening and a 4 speed made it pretty rowdy to drive long distances, wife 1 would complain of gas smells/fumes as I'd never finished extending the exhaust out the back so we never really drove it much... I'm a 'while I'm at it' kind of guy whether its car build, projects or building houses so what the heck! Lets do it all!

9 years ago we started the refresh of our '66 track car - Next phase for the 66 coupe. This build turned out fantastic! I enjoyed the process, learned a great deal and the car impresses wherever it goes. It is a blast to drive and take customers out in. Therein lies the reason I want to give the '70 some love. The '66 only ever gets seen at the track or in pictures. I wanted to build an equally high caliber car that we can drive on the streets and take to shows. 90% of all our customers are street car owners so it only makes sense.

We've been supplying MotorCity Grind in Royal Oak, MI with our suspension and brakes for the past few years. Going there and drooling over the very high quality work they do and seeing our shiny bits hanging off them always left me drooling. I trust their work so am using those guys for body, paint and most mechanicals.

This will be the perfect build to highlight how good our parts look and perform, the excellent work that MotorCity Grind does and we will also be using a selection of other vendors products we believe in and showcasing their offerings.

2 years of thinking about pulling the trigger and talking to Jim, the owner of MotorCity Grind I pulled the plug and told him to schedule me. Jim said Feb-Mar '23. Cool I thought, I have some time. Then a slot opened up and he called me on a Friday in December and said can you get it here Monday?! ARG! OK I said, it's really going to happen.

I had promised to teach my eldest daughter how to drive stick in it. She just got her license this year. I better do it now because it will be off limits when done! Sunday we went to the local high school and had a blast. Lots of stalling, a few burnouts pulling away with 450ft-lbs and lots of smooth pull away's and a few changes of gear to 2nd.

I had one last rip around in it on the way to Jim's shop. His crew took no time taking it to pieces. 4 days from dropping it off to being a shell and ready for media blasting.

Checkout MotorCity Grind and Jim's crew on Facebook - Motorcity Grind

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Following this one Shaun.
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Well this looks exciting! I can’t wait to follow along. What powertrain will you use? How long do you expect the build to take?
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Excited to see what's in-store for it
So now we know...kinda.
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Wow, can't wait!
Awesome…we another Champcar…😈.
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This is going to be fun one to follow!!!
Drooling and following. 😮
Shaun definitely will be following this build, can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve.
Not really fair to handle that well AND look good, too. But I’ll be a bigger man and follow along….
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Not sure what I was expecting...

I’ll Definitely be following.
The end result will be a wicked Mustang used in promoting Street or Track and others products. Thats a win win! Hmm???
Bout time you built a vintage racer!
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This’ll be fun to watch!
Can't wait to see the finished product.. please keep us posted on the progress.

Looking forward to see how it comes out. Considering putting Shaun's Bilstein coil overs on my '66.
Looks to be a nice addition.
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