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Will a 157 tooth flywheel work for me?

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hi all-
I'm piecing together a 5 speed swap for my '67, and will be installing a tremec. I know the tremec will pretty much go into a stock 4 speed car (but you will need a new clutch disk), but mine is urrently an automatic. I have most of the parts, but need a bellhouse. my flywheel is a 157 tooth steel 10.5 inch 20oz piece, and I would rather keep that than get another one (cheaper than a new bellhouse). So which bellhouse do I need? will a stock '67 bellhouse work? I would rather not use a cable setup 'coz I have the pedal setup allready. or do I need to get a '79+ 4 speed bellhouse and put a pivot on it?
thanks for any info!
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If your flywheel is for an automatic transmission, then you'll need one
for a standard transmission. It needs to be 28oz 157tooth flywheel IIRC.
G/L, Curtis
you need to do some more checking, as the Tremec takes a unique bellhousing that is different than the T5 bellhousing. I know they make adapters for T5 swaps into stock bellhousings, however, I am not sure such an adaptor for the Tremec is available. Check out places like Mustangs Unlimited and NPD and see if such an adaptor is available. If so, then all the stock 4-speed stuff should bolt up. And, yes, the 157 tooth 28 0z flywheel will work fine. I have one bolted up to my 351W with a T5 behind it....

I believe all 65-69 Mustang/Falcon/Cougar/Fairlane 6 bolt bell housings were for the 157 tooth flywheel. While the Tremec will "bolt up", the input shaft is too long. A 1" thick adapter is needed or the input shaft can be modified.
sorry- this is obvious. flywheels are different from flexplates, and I have a steel FLYWHEEL.
a toploader/classic mustang bellhouse will bolt directly to a tremec, and is the CORRECT length (for those that dont know, a tremec input shaft is 1 inch shorter than a t5). an adapter is needed if you are using a T5, but not a tremec. the question is will a 157 tooth work w/ a classic mustang bellhouse, and I have found my answer elsewhere, and the answer is NO. I will need a '79+ mustang 4 speed bellhouse. to use the classic mustang bellhouse, I'd need a 164 tooth.

Glad you got the "correct" info...
Rotsa Ruck!
There are three different 157 tooth flywheels. Depends on mounting long-style pressure plate or diaphragm pressure plate and whether your engine is 28 or 50 oz-in imbalance. The easiest approach is to buy a steel billet flywheel drilled for both pressure plates. Ram Automotive makes these. You select the imbalance you need.

well, if you found the answer to your question ELSEWHERE, may that is where you should frequent more often than the VMF to save us the embarrassment of giving you the "wrong info"....

like Art said above, "rotsa ruck".....

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