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Will epoxy melt??

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Still needing that one Marchal Fog lamp lense for my 68 Cal Special. These are near impossible to find. Two on ebay with a starting bid of $400 (no bids) and one other 'repaired' and offered at $50. My fog lights have been converted to halogen. I wondered if a glass fog lamp lense repaired with some sort of clear epoxy would hold up under the heat. Any ideas?


68 California Special- Acapulco Blue- Will someone please sell me one Marchal fog lamp lense?
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Marchal lamps were used on early 68 Shelbys, Cal specials and possibly others. The lens is unique to that type of lamp. During production Ford changed over to Lucas lamps, most Marchals were tossed out. I know, I need a pair for my Shelby as it should have the Marchals, but when I got it it had the Lucas lamps.

Shelby Automotive sent out a letter dated October 9, 1968 stating the lamps would be replaced at a local Ford dealer free of charge.

68 GT500
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