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will it hurt the value

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if i were to install options like ac on the car that came without it and added ac exactly the way it could have been added with all correct parts.would this and any other upgrades like standard interior to deluxe hurt the value of the car in a collectors point of view
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i would think ac would up the value of the car to most people. if its an option on that model then i dont think it hurts anything. but im no professional and dont know all the rules.

Corpus Christi TX
I agree that it would probably make the car more desirable, except maybe to concours purists who respresent a smaller
minority of prospective future buyers (I dont mean to offend anyone or start an arguement :)
I don't even think concours folks would mind, if it's done correctly. Afterall, it's possible to fake dataplates and bucktags to match what you have/want in your car.

I *do* want to start an argument ...!

Cecil Bozarth

1966 GT Coupe (Tahoe Turquoise with black pony interior)

1994 GT Convertible
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I agree the A/C, if done like the factory installation, won't hurt the value, but help it. Other options depend.

1966 GT convertible
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