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Will my 10'' centerforce clutch hold up to 400hp?

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I have a 10 inch CF clutch and pressure plate to put behind my 351W. I chose this size because I already had the flywheel and bellhouseing, and wanted to avoid the cost of replaceing them. My calculations, if correct, state that a 10'' clutch has a surface area of 78.5 inches squared, and the surface area of an 11 inch clutch is 94.985. Since centerforce claims that their clutches hold 30% better than stock, the 10 incher should hold just as strong as a stock clutch with surface area of 102 inches' squared. {(78.5*.3)+78.5=102.05}. From my calculations, this clutch should be sufficent, or my calcuations are incorrect, and it won't... either way, please let me know. Thanks.
Max Kern
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How about a 10 1/2" clutch? I've been running one for a long time now with good results. I don't have the low end grunt of a stout 351W but I sure have the top end HP /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
351W's came with an 11" clutch assembly, flywheel, bellhousing for it all to fit in, and fork. Contact Centerforce at ; it would be interesting to see what their answer to your question is.
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