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Im looking for a clutch/brake assembly for a 72 mustang with 4 wheel drums and manual brakes. I have to questions that I would like to know the answer to before I spend 120 bucks on .

1. Do I have have to get an assembly specifically for a 1972 car? Or will 71,73 work. I assume they all would work. But I have heard otherwise. Need to know for sure.

2. Does the clutch/brake assembly have to be from a car that had manual brakes too? Or could I use one frm a power brake car then just swap brake pedals?

It would be nice to talk to somebody has done a c4 to tremmec swap on a 71-3. Thanks.

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Any clutch for a 289/302 from 1965 to 1973 will fit your car fine for the same size engine.

You will need to swap the brake pedals for a manual brake pedal.
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