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Wilwood swap on 66 mustang, assorted questions

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Planning on doing a wilwood swap in the spring (All 4 wheels), from granadas (Front)/drums (rear). Have a 9" 'big ford' (2.36" offset) rear and 15x7 3.75" backspace TT2s. More details below.

Mostly looking at Wilwood because SSBC, when I checked, only offered 11" rotors, which aren't much bigger than my granadas. If I'm going to drop 2-3k, well.. size matters and such.

Anyway, questions:
1. Spindles - I know my granada spindles will not work. I have heard 1970 spindles are the best classic option, with direct fit to 66' but with more beef, but also was told require a bigger bearing. In at least one place, they stated I should get (or need) other suspension components if i go with 67-70 spindles... pittman arm, etc. What are my options? I found a good condition 67 spindle; what would it take to use that?

1a. Where should I get said spindles? I've checked ebay, talked to CSRP about theirs (Theyw ere the ones who said i'd need new pittman arms etc).

2. Fitment with wheel - I see 11.3", 11.8" and 12.19" rotor options. I know the 15" TT2s are pushing it with both the latter two, but they do list 15" is as the minimum required size. Does anyone have experience here?

3. Rear kits - I only see one rear disc kit for a 66 mustang on summit (Versus 45 or so front kits). Are there other kits i should consider (which perhaps are not marked as compatible with the 66', perhaps due to me having a 9")?

4. NPT fittings - I've seen some reviews saying there is some weirdness when it comes to Wilwood and hoses/npt fittings. What exactly do I need for this all to work?

5. I've very excited to have a working parking brake (my car never has), but did note this as a suggested part - is it necessary?:

6. Reviewing the article below, they say they needed a rotor register adapter... how do I know if i need that?



Currently have a granada setup on the front and slick black-painted drums on the rear. Moving the car across country and this is the last time I'll have a garage for a while, so nows the time.

On the rear, I have a "Big Ford" 2.36 offset 9" rear. Currently running 15x7 TT2s with a 3.75" offset (yeah, i know, should be 4.25/4.5.. even with fender roll theres the occasional rub). Master cylidner is p/n 29867-C... Pivot to center =12", pivot to pushrod =2", which is 6:1, I believe from a 67 but which also appears correct for a 66 mustang

Looking at these front kits:
4 piston, 12.19" rotor:
6 piston, 12.19" rotor:

And on the rear, this:

Obviously those are 12.19" kits, which I'd want but if it won't fit I'll go smaller. Also would like slotted discs both front and rear (i know, vanity talking); which is one reason I'm looking for other kits that might work since the kit above doesn't have them.

THreads I have viewed:
CSRP spindles:

Install article: How to Install Wilwood?s Four-Wheel Disc Brakes
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Jeeze..... where’s that popcorn eating gif when I need it?

Standby to be inundated with opinions and suggestions.

ex-Global West GM
If i can be entertaining while I grouse for wisdom from the old fol... er.. veterans, all the better!

Its my first big project in a while. New here but have been on stangnet and fordmuscle for 15 years or so. That said, the newb deserves what he gets :)

And yes, feel free to tell me trying to go with the biggest rotor on a car that never gets raced is a waste of stress and money. Its almost certainly true but I've always been a "since its apart anyway..." kind of guy
I also find myself looking at the Wilwood 12.19" front brake kits. I'm looking at the 4 piston kit with the dust boots.'s a street car and the factory figured dust boots were necessary on the caliper and I find it hard to disagree. I don't plan on going with the drilled and slotted rotors because the guys I autocross with say they crack between the drilled holes when auto crossing. Unfortunately, Wilwood does not currently offer rotors that are only slotted.

As far as big bearing spindles go, CSRP does or did have 65-66 1.4" drop spindles in stock. Mine arrived yesterday.
What size/backspace wheel are you running? Have you fit checked them?
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