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Window Adjustment Or Regulator/Scissors FUBAR?

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My driver's side window stops about 1/2 inch from being rolled up all the way. After I get it this far I can pull it up with my hands but it will slide back down when I shut the door. There are no other problems. It goes up and down evenly without binding. It just doesn't go up all the way.

I took off the door panel and I couldn't see any problems. The rollers are good and the window is in the track. I checked the passenger side window and that one has some play in it too (not as much) but that window rolls up fine.

Even if the diagnosis is bleak and I need to replace something is there an adjustment I can try in the meantime considering the situation isn't severe?

By looking at the shop manual and reading old posts it seems like there are plenty of ways to make things worse when adjusting the windows. I thought I'd check here first before I take that route.

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Just went through the same scenario, except worse. After a while, the window gears began jumping a tooth or two, even though I could pull up the window all the way. Then the window started dropping about 1/2 inch when I closed the door .... new regulator fixed it.
Has it always been that way? an adjustment. Or has it gotten progressivly worse? the scissors
wearing out. the teeth wear on them and the pivot arm pins wear. the teeth you can't fix, the pins
can be centered and welded. Hard to tell in the door, you almost have to pull to see.
It hasn't gotten worse in the 2 years I've owned the car (daily driver). FWIW the teeth look good. Could I be off a tooth?
Dave, your regulator's shot. All the adjusting in the world most likely will not help.

I've found that when replacing the regulator, it's best to replace the scissors with it. If the scissors are bent at all, the new regulator will magnify it 100 times. Replacing them both together is very simple, takes about 1/2 hour and then your done for another 35 years.

I tried to "salvage" the scissors in one of the doors of my son's '65 when replacing the regulator. I spent probably 5 hours bending and rebending, installing and re-installing. Finally gave up and spent the $30 for the new scissor and was done in 15 minutes *LOL*.

Just had to replace the one in my '66's passenger door last weekend. I didn't even bother checking the scissors ... just replaced them with the regulator and was done in 1/2 hour.
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Sounds like a good excuse to install electric windows to me. Why just spend $50 when you could spend $500?


BTW Don't tell SWMBO I said that last part /forums/images/icons/wink.gif
Cheap bastard that I am, I just robbed a couple of the regulators off an 88 Ranger pickup. Just the small, riveted on regulator part. The shaft is a bit longer than the originals (to help clear my expensive new Deluxe door panels). They cured my "falling" window trouble just fine. Of course while I was at it I cleaned, lubed, and replaced the scissor rollers.
IIRC, the Fox-body Mustangs had an identical shaft length to my 67. Ford used the exact same regulator well into the middle 90's on all kinds of cars and trucks. Just the length of the shaft differed among models. All the later model window cranks are held on by a screw. I got the screws too, just in case they were metric or something.
I drove an 88 Ranger for 11 years before I got the Mustang. I gave it to charity but before I did I was trying to find pats I could take off and use on the Mustang to keep the spirit of the old girl alive.

Too bad I didn't know this back then.
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